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A New Challenger Approaches: Chris Plante, the Games Editor


Like Shane riding off into the sunset, Russ Frushtick, former Games Editor of UGO.com, has left town for a sunny new pasture. Unlike Shane, he was not fatally wounded.*

That can only mean I'm the new sheriff in town.

The gig won't be easy. Russ was an extraordinary editor who, for a couple years, was a one-man team. I'll need a lot of help and support to build off Russ' work and make UGO Games into something that not only I will be proud to helm, but you'll be proud to read.

That's why I'm pulling out a few tricks. Some familiar faces to the 1UP community have kindly volunteered to help me, and I'm holding them to it. We're going to try out some new things, and hopefully promote my number one goal: clear the path between you folks and the developers making your favorite games.

Hope you take some time to stick around my new corner of the Internet. And please, as I've said many times on before, let me know what you want to see. I'm writing the site for you.

Your fellow gunslinger,

Chris Plante

*Shane was a popular cowboy film and the fulcrum in the dénouement of the Kevin Spacey/Samuel L. Jackson hostage flick, The Negotiator.


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